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Made in Kansas City Presents: Ozzy Drinking Coffee in Kansas City

  "You'll find millennials here." 

Is there any better way than to start your day by stepping into a recently discovered coffee shop? We didn’t think so either. To broaden our collective coffee horizons, we took one of our favorite locals and self-proclaimed coffee geeks, Ozzie Louis Mendoza Diaz, around the Kansas City area to get his input on six of the most praiseworthy shops in our area. The guidelines were simple: good coffee, good vibes, and locally roasted beans. With that in mind, we sought out the Filling Station, Post Coffee, Quay Coffee, Second Best Coffee, Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters, and Oddly Correct to satiate our caffeinated drink desires (click on any of the coffee shop names for an extended review)!

Our first stop, the Filling Station, a coffee shop triad, is composed of their Midtown, Westport, and Overland Park locations. We visited their original location in Midtown for the best of the best, an experience defined not only by marvelous coffee but an extensive breakfast and lunch menu; furthermore, their generous indoor and outdoor seating allows for the quintessential coffee experience. In comparison to the Filling Station’s central Kansas City locations, Post Coffee seems like a far trek, becoming more of a destination than a morning stop for Kansas Citians. However, Post Coffee operates like no other coffee shop in the Lee’s Summit area, with a large focus on coffee education.

Back to the River Market for #3 on our tour: Quay Coffee, an industrial-meets-cozy coffee shop just steps from one of the streetcar's stops. Quay’s location on Delaware Street simply can’t be beat: as Ozzy told us, it’s where “hipsters pray four times a day”. But if the River Market isn’t what you're looking for, there’s the unsuspecting Second Best Coffee, nuzzled within a Waldo strip mall. For exemplary espresso and service, head to Second Best - don’t forget to order a breakfast burrito, either!

If you’ve been planning your next Crossroads stop, Thou Mayest is there for you on 18th Street. Between their all-day coffee service and PM drink service, there’s something for everyone. Their wide drink selection isn’t the only draw, however. The two-floor space is as equally inviting as it is conducive to productivity and good times. Finally, if you’re looking to step up your coffee game to the next level, Oddly Correct is here to assist. Their no cream and sugar policy, although daunting at first, forces an entirely new experience.

Nonetheless, you’ll find an entirely new break from your traditional morning brew at all six coffee shops we dropped into with Ozzy. From the Crossroads to Lee’s Summit and Waldo to the River Market, there’s a cup of coffee for every Kansas Citian.