Ozzy Drinking Coffee in Kansas City: Filling Station

The Filling Station continually serves high quality coffee, juice, and health-conscious meals within the Kansas City area. Run in partnership with Messenger Coffee, the Filling Station supplies the highest caliber of coffee for its  customers. 


As the Filling Station has expanded their Kansas City coffee reign, they haven't allowed a single aspect of their business to remain unimproved. They offer a curated, high-quality menu of coffees, teas, cold-pressed juices (available at Midtown and Overland Park locations), and breakfast and lunch food. The coffee shop offers its own line of apparel and drinkware. Each of their spaces have an environment that fosters creativity; although their Westport location doesn't boast the size that the Midtown and Overland Park possess, it offers a drive-thru for easy access. Look out for one of Ozzie's favorite summer lounge spots in Midtown once the garage doors open up into their courtyard space!

The Filling Station's Midtown location is their original location: the location that began it all - the location that "has been bubbling up under the surface". Self-proclaimed "health nut," Ozzie, can't recall an experience that left him feeling dissatisfied what with the Station's health-oriented menu (pro tip: look out for that Beastie Beet cold-pressed juice and be sure to set it off with a little added lemon) offered. Furthermore, the Filling Station's recent partnership with Messenger Coffee has allowed for an overall development of their in-house coffee program, allowing time for greater attention to a myriad of other details. Their great attention manifests through their made-to-order breakfast and lunch items: perfect for those with busy lifestyles looking for something quick, delicious and healthy.

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Midtown | 2980 McGee Tfwy | 816.931.4335

Overland Park | 7420 Johnson Dr | 913.831.3326

Westport | 1010 Westport Rd | 816.960.6448