Ozzy Drinking Coffee in Kansas City: Thou Mayest

Thou Mayest has become one of the places to be in Kansas City - whether it be in the morning or at night. Between roasting their own coffee by day and mixing drinks by night, they have your every whim covered. 

Thou Mayest, a coffee roasting company that found its home on 18th Street in the up-and-coming Crossroads Arts District, has grown to offer more than your standard cup of coffee. Coffee shop by day and bar by night, there is a constant flow of libation-lifestyle lovers walking through their doors (essentially) all hours of the day. Their spacious two-floor space, including a patio, caters to any and every situation where fun can be taken seriously and vice-versa. So well, in fact, that a Saturday morning meeting can easily turn into an all day coffee and beer tasting with new friends. Fit for larger gatherings, quiet meetings, a space to catch up on your book or work or a lively bar at night - all of your friends are already here!

Flocking to the shop for the refreshingly Kansas City-cool vibe, Ozzie praises Thou Mayest's attention to detail (one word: couches). "The collaborative nature of Kansas City" is amplified throughout their coffee and liquor programs as their product has morphed into a new, idyllic, urban lifestyle (not to mention the Specialty Coffee O.G. Christopher Oppenhuis sitting behind the scenes on Thou's 12 Kilo Diedrich drum roaster). Radiating relaxed vibes day in and day out, Thou Mayest is an accessible and reliable space that exists to serve and fuel tomorrow's talent. Thou Mayest is Kansas City entrepreneurship, community and urbane lifestyle; distilled. 


419 East 18th Street | Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Sunday - Monday CLOSED | Tuesday - Wednesday 7 AM to 9 PM | Thursday - Saturday 7 AM to 12 AM